Sunday, August 7, 2016

Autumn Hunter Taylor

Family Status: Teen

Vital Statistics: Brown hair, brown  eyes, 5' 2"
Born: September 23rd ~ Virgo

Parents: Rafael and Gayl Taylor
Siblings: Miranda and Nicolas Taylor
Grandparents: Anthony Lombardo; Eden Westover; Gianni and Rosalie Luchessi
Extended Family (blood not marriage): Camilla Lombardo; Gabriel Lombardo; Jaegar Mitchell; Hailie Mitchell; Kestral Westover Mitchell; Colin Thackery Mitchell; Colin Westover

LikesSweets; hiking; fishing; animals; games; dancing; biking; skating
DislikesCleaning the bird cage; raking leaves; mean boys
Best Feature: loyalty

Education: High School

Profession: Student

Background: Third child for Rafe Taylor and his wife, Gayl. Autumn spent her early childhood growing up in a Bay View beach house until her family moved to Millwood. Autumn is extroverted, silly, protective of her friends, especially her best friend Harmony Stanfield (Hugs) and enjoys spending time outdoors. Some of her favorite memories are staying at her grandparents' house in Millwood, gardening with her grandfather, Gianni, trying to learn to sew from her grandmother, Rosalie, and fishing with her father. Autumn is not sure what she wants to do when she grows up.

Autumn's Meme:
  1. Name: Autumn
  2. Hometown: Millwood
  3. Favorite Food: Peach Cobbler
  4. Favorite Color: Dusty rose and green
  5. Favorite Season: Summer on the lake
  6. Favorite Drink: Root beer float
  7. Dream Vacation: New Zealand
  8. Favorite Dessert: Chocolate mousse (she has a sweet tooth)
  9. Profession: Teenager
  10. One of the things I love most in the world: TeeLee (her cockatiel)
  11. One word that describes me: Protective
  12. Something else about me: Silly

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