Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cooper Stanfield - The Peninsula

South Beach.  The Peninsula.

Probably the most spectacular house on the Peninsula, the multistory wood, glass and stone modular structure lies on beachfront property facing due south toward Round Island.  The sun is a problem in the summer, an obvious issue the builder should have considered but didn’t.  There are three microclimates on the large lot including a cool and shady space that provides protection for a small rhododendron, a pair of white hydrangeas, and a herd of little blue-tailed lizards.

Cooper Stanfield built the home to house seven: his second wife, their four children, and his son by his first wife.  All but the youngest have more or less left (probably less for one of the twins).  One wing of the home is disconcertingly empty.  The couple are considering selling, something the rest of the residents on the Peninsula aren’t entirely unhappy about, but Cooper is for the most part a considerate and friendly neighbor, and he would be missed.


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