Sunday, June 1, 2014

Park on Empty Lot

South Beach.  The Peninsula.  The Empty Lot.

The lot between the east channel, the Empty House, and Cooper Stanfield’s home across the street has been the source of some antagonism on the Peninsula.  The owner, who lives in the Crossing, has been trying to build on the lot for years.  The water level is high on the Peninsula, and the terrain on the lot is so low, a small pond sits in the middle of it.  It would be difficult to build without leveling the lot and destroying the pond, and it is a very pretty pond.

You can see a tiny, dark corner of the Peninsula’s only park from the Empty Lot.  It’s small.  Some of the residents would like to negotiate with the owner; actually, they’d like Cooper to negotiate and purchase the lot and keep it the way it is.  He’s been the major reason the owner hasn’t been able to do anything with it including sell it.  Cooper declined, ok refused, to buy it, stating that he already owns enough property, doesn’t want to maintain any more property, doesn’t want to be responsible for some kid, probably Camilla’s kid, drowning in the pond, so that’s all there is to that.  But he’ll continue to keep anybody from building something on it that he doesn’t like, as in a house.

It’s very pretty at night.  It will probably stay empty.  Everybody uses it as a park anyway

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