Sunday, June 1, 2014

McDermott-Owen - The Peninsula

South Beach. The Peninsula.  Turtle House

Turtle House is larger than it appears from the front and more interesting when lit at night.  It has three large bedrooms, a nice size living room with fireplace, a wide open space upstairs and a pretty pool.  From the front porch you can see the city lights across the inlet. Unfortunately, it’s also located across the street from the frontman for Mercury Rising, Cooper Stanfield.  Although he doesn’t throw many loud parties, Cooper was been a problem for the real estate agents.  He’s protective of his privacy and his family, possesses a hair trigger temper, and has no tolerance for curious neighbors. So the residents of the Peninsula when  the lights, the pool and the view finally attracted a serious buyer for the house across the street.

The surprise turned to shock, and amusement for some, when the buyer turned out to be Cooper's former bodyguard and his wife's lover, Ryan McDermott.  A lot of water had passed under that bridge, though.  Ryan has a young son, Riley, and keeps a low profile.  Cooper, completely secure in his marriage, is annoyed but not concerned.  Most of the women on the Peninsula think Ryan is hot, mysterious, and possibly dangerous, a heady combination.

Melinda Owen and her daughter Thalia recently moved in with Ryan. Melinda is polite, gracious, warm and friendly without being forthcoming.  The whole family has been welcomed although with some caution.

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