Sunday, June 1, 2014

Little Peninsula Park - The Peninsula

South Beach.  The Peninsula.  The Little Peninsula Park.

There’s not much to say about the Little Peninsula Park.  It’s little.  It’s a park.  Nobody died and left their name attached to it.

The peninsula used to be a sandy spit beloved by mosquitoes, fishermen, and people with boats who carted tourists around for a fee.  As the land was abandoned and taxes left unpaid, the county sold most of the land but kept some of it, some around the edges.  Not the good parts.  Considering who lives there now, they could sell even the bits around the edges for more than the whole place was once worth, if they could get away with selling scenic land, which they can’t.  The little park is a legacy from the time when the county could not figure out what else to do with the useless scraps of sand so they made a park.

Swingset, monkey bars, a roundabout, the usual rusty bbq and splintery tables and chairs.   There’s room for a little beachy campfire if you want to carefully supervise your kids while they burn something to eat.  It’s safe, not far to walk, and a happy place to watch the gulls and the clouds sail over the water.

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