Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Harmony Gayl Stanfield - Hugs

Born: May 21

Parents: Cooper and Beth Stanfield
Siblings: Wyatt (half), Nate and Eric, Rayne

Vital Statistics: Light brown hair, brown eyes

Likes: Close friends, snow, bunnies, ballet, dragonflies, my brothers and sister
Dislikes: Crowds, big dirty fountains, boring books, mean people
Best Feature: I don't know yet

The youngest of Cooper's children, Hugs is shy, loving, fond of her brothers and older sister and intimidated by Camilla’s son Jay.  Her best friend Autumn is frequently her champion when Hugs needs one.  Cooper has made a consistent and determined effort to put everything aside to try to protect this little one.  Both her parents dote on Hugs and have compiled a massive pile of photos that they have finally stopped pressing on their friends.

Hugs became a teenager about the time that her older sister Rayne began having trouble again. Hugs is friendly with Rayne but uncertain and wary of the constant drama.  Cooper is deeply suspicious of any boy showing the slightest interest in Hugs although so far she is more interested in hanging out with Autumn.

Her room at one end of the eastern wing of the house looks out at the water and the main island. There’s nothing but sand and water to the south, east and north.  Sometimes Hugs feels very isolated, as if she’s in a small bright space in a very large dark world.


Swinging in the rain

Hugs, close to midnight on the night before her birthday party, and Prince Bunny.  She has only one night left as a little girl.  Prince Bunny probably won’t follow her, but for tonight he is still here.

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