Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Delancy Apartments - South Beach Crossing

South Beach Crossing.  Southwest Corner

Delancy's was long known as the place you go when you're a little down on your luck but still hold out some hope.  The rents are still below anything else you can find this side of the metro.  You get that chic grunge look along with clean rooms and a convenient cafe in case you forgot the bread and don't feel like ordering in.


Current Occupants

Second Floor Studio.

Elegy Bergen: a popular and widely recognized socialite in the Crossings.  She's a very accomplished gambler; she's friendly; she loves a good time and she tries to make sure everyone else is having one, too.  Bergen as she calls herself (because she thinks Elegy is hysterically funny) recently opened the Salt Spa, a venue with massage, sauna and spa and hopes to make a go of it.  Check out the employee lounge though to see how seriously she takes the healthy and serene lifestyle she's selling...

Third Floor Large Studio.

Bernard Keifer: Bernard gave up on Bernard's Botanical Gardens after finally realizing that the only way to make any money was to sell food.  He's a botanist.   At a loss now to find employment doing something he actually likes, he opened a kind of plant themed junk shop.  Bergen, who knows him well, is offering to help.  Bernard is a nice guy.   Not practical, kind of shy, but very nice.

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