Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jason and Kestral Mitchell - The Marina. 4 Island Road

South Beach.  The Marina.  4 Island Road

Jason Mitchell purchased this small home after graduating from college.  He immediately asked Kestral Westover to join him and she happily accepted.  While preparing to record the first album and go on the first major tour with his band Crux, Jason and Kes discussed Kestral's future plans.  She wants to cook professionally again but is uncertain about managing a restaurant.  Business has never interested her.

Before settling on a course of action for Kes and while still working on the album, Jason and Kes married and had their first child.  Kestral is an independent young woman despite her shyness so the prospect of Jason's long absences doesn't scare her although she doesn't look forward to them and had originally planned to accompany him for at least part of the tour.

They both love their house and decided to make a small expansion for their baby instead of moving. If there is a second child, they may be forced to make that change.

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