Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cullen Plays Poker

South Beach Crossing.  Club Silver.

Cullen O'Malley isn't technically allowed in some of the clubs in the Crossing.  He particularly isn't allowed on a school night.  Stretching out some of this work hours, and going to work on his day off, gives him time to roam around for some fun.  Sometimes taking his after school job pay and gambling with it presses the limits of fun into regret.  It was looking to be one of those nights, and it started with Bergen.

Playing against Bergen, Cullen had no chance.  She walked in, looked around, nodded to the drop dead hot bartender, and sat down and began to play.  He pulled up his nerve and sat down at the table with her.  He began to lose.  She treated him like any other player until another teenage girl walked in and took the empty seat at the table.  Bergen watched Cullen watching the girl, and, with a barely concealed smile, Bergen began to cheat.

Cullen never realized what was happening and bragged for days about beating Elegy Bergen at poker.

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