Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Duff Tyson

Family Status: single; no children of which he knows.  Relationship with Rayne Stanfield

Vital Statistics: Black hair, coal eyes; ambidextrous; 6', 2 piercings in his left ear
Born: May 31 ~ Gemini

Parents: William Tyson III and Margaret Haversham
Siblings: 1 older brother, William Tyson IV

Likes: Variety; uninhibited, unusual women; getting what I want; cerebral challenges; the thrill of the chase
Dislikes: feeling tied down; boredom; manual labor; incompetence; sentimentality
Best Feature: I can be very persuasive.

Education: A couple of semesters at a prestigious private university

Profession:Musician, bassist ~ Flight

Background: Raised in wealthy Newport, Rhode Island, Duff was expected to follow his father and older brother into the family business, mergers and acquisitions. Duff was not inclined to oblige and spent much of his youth getting into trouble with mergers and acquisitions of his own. Duff’s attendance at university was insisted upon by his parents (whom Duff referred to as Billy and Peg, much to their ire and his amusement). Although the academics were not difficult for him to manage, the structured learning environment annoyed him, and Duff began to push the limits of the university’s tolerance. An incident with a female student brought accusations of rape; although they were quietly dropped, Duff left and did not return.

At age 25 he took some of his considerable trust fund and traveled the world. He pursued a decadent lifestyle, getting what he wanted by using his looks, his charm, and a lot of unscrupulous lies. The idle traveling came to an abrupt end one February evening when his power of persuasion failed him during an encounter with the husband of a woman he had attempted to seduce. He found himself alone on a dark side street facing the irate husband and two of his large friends when, to his surprise, he was aided by two men just leaving a local club: Rob Porter and Shooter James.

Always musical and formally trained as a child, the bass guitar's dark intensity suited Duff. He used his quick wit and way with words to open doors for the band and found a niche that suited his wanderlust and appetite for variety. In love and relationships, Duff likes the thrill of the chase but rapidly loses interest and looks around for the next pursuit. In less serious relationships he is an entertaining companion. At his best he is never dull, a brilliant conversationalist and he can even be playful. At his worst he can be quarrelsome and unfaithful.

Duff is egocentric, imaginative, restless, complex, intuitive, contradictory, cunning, and a bit amoral. He is happiest when life is full of new interests, continuous entertainment and free of labor and routine.  He enjoys a lot of kink, when he finds it, and when it works.

Duff's Mosaic:

1. First Name - Duff
2. Hometown - Newport
3. Favorite Food - Rare steak
4. Favorite Color - Scarlet
5. Favorite Weather - Summer or anytime with sunlight
6. Favorite Drink - Grand Marnier
7. Dream Vacation - Barbados
8. Favorite Dessert - Cherries Jubilee
9. Profession - Musician: guitar and vocals - Flight
10. One of the things I love most in the world - Stillitos and lace panties on a woman who knows I don't want one thing
11. One Word That Describes Me - Backlit
12. Something Else About Me - Find the tap...


Duff's Ten Things Meme

1. Duff once received a dinner invitation from a woman he met in a sex club. Intrigued by the design of the invitation, which included a key and instructions, he accepted. When he arrived, Duff let himself in. He found her in the dining room sprawled across the formal dining table covered in a seven-course meal. He started with dessert.

2. He never met a woman he could not seduce which is why he secretly holds Shooter's girl MacKenna in high esteem. She is the only woman that declined to sleep with him.

3. Despite his outward behavior, Duff is very loyal to his band mates. He would be devastated if he had to leave the band.

4. Although he enjoys pursuing his next conquest, Duff would one day like to marry and have children.

5. Duff has a great sense of humor and can be a prankster at times, particularly on the road with Flight. One memorable incident was when he masqueraded as a roadie and knocked over an entire rack of fake guitars while the rest of the band stood open-mouthed in shock.

6. Duff is fluent in five languages – French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Greek.

7. Always an avid reader, Duff has read the complete works of William Shakespeare. He has also read all seven Harry Potter books.

8. Although they do not know it, Duff paid a promoter to book their first big gig.

9. As a sophomore in college, Duff became obsessed with a freshman girl. He pushed it hard, got what he wanted, realized almost immediately that she wasn't the fantasy he thought she was, and dumped her. The girl claimed he raped her, and what happened between them may have been close to rape. Although charges were never pressed and the scandal was buried, Duff was stung and was a great deal more careful afterward.

10. Duff was genuinely stunned when Shooter and Blade informed him (with considerable hilarity) that the girl in the painting he'd purchased was Cooper Stanfield's daughter. Fully aware of the consequences of going after Cooper's daughter, not only for him but for the band, he tried to put it aside but eventually succumbed to overwhelming, demanding fantasies and thoughts and began to follow her and carefully plan the seduction.

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