Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alex Ferguson *Blade*

Family Status
: Divorced (Lindsey Richards; Tabby Sellers; Danica Cole; Adriana Garcia); Reconciled with Dani Cole
Children: Coleen and Liam with Danica Cole

Vital Statistics: Brown hair, blue eyes; right-handed; 6' 1 1/2"; piercings in left ear and eyebrow; no current tats (removed the Lindsey tat)

Born: April 15 ~ Aries

Parents: Sean Ferguson and Emily Mason Ferguson (divorced)
Siblings: None

Likes: single malt whiskey; old Star Trek shows; the beach in winter; sleeping with the windows open during a storm; beautiful women with long hair; sex
Dislikes: peanut butter; lite beer; cheap guitars; roaches
Best Feature: too many to list...but it sure ain't modesty

Education: Major in philosophy

Profession:Musician, Guitar and vocals ~ Flight

Background: Born into a middle class family, Alex's parents divorced shortly after his birth. It was his father's second marriage and his mother's third. Both remarried after the divorce but continued to fight with each other, yanking him back and forth in constant custody battles. Angry, torn and bitter, Alex moved out when he was 18 and roomed with a friend. He had been playing gigs since he was 16 and had already attained a reputation and a following, but his mother agreed to continue to fund him only if he went to college. Graduated with a GPA only a whisper above 2.0. The money stopped. Alex and his best friend, guitarist Rob Porter, lived hand to mouth, depending on girlfriends, for almost three years before they got their first big break. Alex's marriages were impulsive; the shortest lasted 3 months, the longest a year. He did not keep in touch with any of his ex's with the exception of his 3rd wife, Danica.  After a long separation, Alex reunited with Dani, bought a house together and had twins, a boy and a girl.

Alex formed Flight with Rob, picked up a bass guitar and drummer, made valuable contacts through his second wife, and cut his first record which went double platinum. The band skyrocketed to fame after that. Talented, aggressive, relentless, and fiercely competitive. A seeker in search of challenge and affirmation.

Extras: Wedding Shots

Blade's meme:

1. First Name: Blade
2. Hometown: Georgetown
3. Favorite Food: Chinese takeout
4. Favorite Color: gold
5. Favorite Weather: fall
6. Favorite Drink: whiskey
7. Dream Vacation: winter at a beach
8. Favorite Dessert: peaches
9. Profession: musician
10. One of the things I love most in the world: sex
11. One Word That Describes Me: driven
12. Something Else About Me: lover


  1. He's freaking hot, but man...the way he blows through women is enough to give anyone pause...

    I really, really can't wait to see what he's going to do to this story. :)

  2. hehe....he is definitely freaking hot!

    We're both pretty excited about what he's going to do :)

    Thank you Rachel!