Friday, January 30, 2009

Gayl Taylor

Family Status: Married to Rafe Taylor ~ one son, Nicolas Anthony; two daughters, Miranda Elizabeth and Autumn Hunter; 3 sons from first marriage
Vital Statistics: Long brown hair, honey brown eyes, ambidextrous, small dimple in her left cheek, pierced ears (2 in right lobe)
Born: March 21st ~ Pisces/Aries Cusp

Parents: Gianni Lucchesi ~ Rosalie DeValle Lucchesi
Siblings: Older brother, estranged

Likes: Being barefoot; Bombay Sapphire from the freezer; the smell of fresh cut grass and line-dried laundry; staying up late and sleeping in with Rafe; massages; hard rock; whipped cream
Dislikes: Selfish people; being taken for granted; liars; waking up early; failing; bugs; winding roads; cold
Best Feature: Ask my husband

Education: Some college.

Profession: Occasional Freelance photography

Background: Grew up in a middle class Italian family. Father worked in a winery and mother was a seamstress. Married young to an Irishman, had a struggling marriage that ended in tragedy and found her packing up and moving to Bay View in order to start fresh. Formed an immediate and close friendship with Beth Stanfield (then Johnson) after meeting one day on the beach boardwalk. When Rafe Taylor was sent from the university as a tutor to her young son she was immediately attracted to him. The intense attraction was mutual and the relationship blossomed into a deep, trusting and intense love that has helped to heal the scars from their pasts. She is courageous, fiercely loyal, fun-loving but sometimes selfish and quick-tempered, occasionally jealous, passionate, smart and artistic. Wears a lot of black, loves leather and lace.

One of her favorite shots, taken on Mother's Day.