Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jimmy Breaux

Family Status
: Single

Vital Statistics: Blond hair, blue eyes with gold flecks. 6' 1". Primarily left handed but can use both hands. Scar on his upper lip (tuning his guitar, a string snapped and cut his mouth). Pierced right brow. Scattered freckles. Ink on both arms and back.

Born: April 21st ~ Taurus/Aries Cusp

Parents: Justin Breaux and Averell LeCroix Breaux (deceased)
Siblings: Older brother, Gaston (deceased): younger sister, Remy

Likes: Making music; ice cream; good food; pretty girls with long legs who don’t wear much
Dislikes: Sleeping; wasting time on boring crap; people who always want to be giving me advice
Best Feature: Eyes I guess

Education: Never finished high school

Profession: Musician, Guitar and vocals ~ Brew

Background: Jimmy and his sister and brother were raised by their grandmother in a large but rundown house in the rural delta. His mother, always in poor health, died when he was a small child. His father left shortly after to find work and promised to return when he could provide for his children. They never saw him again. Jimmy’s older brother joined the military out of high school and was killed in action in his first deployment. Bored, restless and consumed with music, Jimmy performed poorly in school and dropped out as soon as he turned 16.

Raised in an environment where ghosts were considered a normal part of life and religion was fierce and threatening, Jimmy is both superstitious and an adamant disbeliever. Expecting and anticipating abandonment and disappointment, he focused on what he knew he could do well, compose and play music. He drifted around the delta bars, floated in and out of several bands until he found a tenuous group that worked for him. They met with almost instant success. Jimmy’s unusual vocals, brilliant talent and charisma did not, however, make up for his impulsiveness and addictions. He gained a reputation as unreliable and disinterested in the welfare of the band as a whole, failing to show up for gigs or showing up too drunk to perform.

Jimmy's Meme:

1. First Name - Jimmy
2. Hometown - Lafayette
3. Favorite Food - Po'boys
4. Favorite Color - Green and gold
5. Favorite Weather - Hot summer day in the country
6. Favorite Drink - Absinthe
7. Dream Vacation - Any beach away from everybody else
8. Favorite Dessert - Banana Split
9. Profession - Musician
10. One of the Things I Love Most in the Word: Deep warm and sensual girls
11. One Word That Describes Me - Abandoned
12. Something Else About Me - Define Yourself