Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daniel Whitney

Family Status: Divorced (Shana Durbin)

Vital Statistics: Blonde hair, blue eyes. 6'1".
Born: June 12 ~ Gemini

Parents: Robert Whitney and Jeannette Larson
Siblings: None

Likes: Cold Stoly; art; a good steak; a particular beautiful green-eyed blonde
Dislikes: Incompetence; people who expect me to accept less than the best for their convenience; not having enough money
Best Feature: My stamina

Education: One year at a community college

Profession: Musician, Drums ~ Mercury Rising

Background: Danny was the only child of older parents who lived paycheck to paycheck on the outskirts of Reno, holding low level jobs in the casinos. His father's gambling made life even more difficult. Danny received his first drum kit as payment for a gambling debt someone owed his father. Ambitious, musically talented, and generally charming, he fought hard to make it big and get out of Reno. He got his big break when Cooper Stanfield dropped the original drummer for Mercury Rising, heard Danny play, and gave him a chance. Danny has never felt he completely belonged to the tight-knit group of original band members, and has had confrontations with them over the years. Volatile, hot-tempered, demanding, and persistent, he indulged heavily in just about everything. His marriage to Shana Durbin happened after a night of heavy drinking in Vegas. He immediately regretted it but waited years to demand a divorce. Danny was involved with Peri Mitchell before her marriage to Heydon and never gave up on getting her back.