Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aidan O'Malley and Family

Family Status: Married to Lakin Jeffreys

Vital Statistics: Brown hair, brown eyes, 6'0".
Born: August 2 ~ Leo

Parents: Connor O'Malley and Deirdre Jennings
Siblings: None

Likes: The beach; boardwalk fries; traveling when I can take time to experience the place; pretty girls
Dislikes: Warm beer (don't give a damn if it is Europe); status-driven women; people who take themselves too seriously
Best Feature: Nothing really stand out; hands I guess

Education: Major in music

Profession: Musician, Bass Guitar ~ Mercury Rising

Background: Raised in an upper middle class family, Aidan grew up close friends with Cooper Stanfield, Heydon Mitchell and Slim Savage. He was one of the original members of the band Mercury Rising. Laid-back, calm, methodical and genuinely interested in almost everything, Aidan has always been a stabilizing influence on his more temperamental friends.

Married beautiful Lakin Jeffreys and kept it quiet for over a month to everyone's surprise.,  They have one child: Cullen