Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tabby Sellers

Family Status: Divorced, Alex Ferguson (second wife); no children

Vital Statistics: Blond hair, brown eyes; 5' 6 1/2"

Born: November 7th ~ Scorpio

Parents: J.P. Sellers and Pamela Goodwyn Sellers
Siblings: Two older brothers

Likes: loyalty; independence; travel; sex; control; power
Dislikes: Manipulation; failure; surprises; cheap wine
Best Feature: Passionate and resourceful

Education: Major in business administration

Profession: Entrepreneur

Background: An heiress from Houston, Texas whose family money comes from oil. A fierce independent streak manifested itself at an early age and she became rebllious and headstrong. Tabby still remained the apple of her father's eye and J.P. spoiled, pampered and indulged her. She quickly became used to getting whatever she wants.

Because of her family wealth she was unsure whether men were interested in her or her money and powerful connections. She was aloof and careful with her emotions. She met Blade in New York at a trendy club and decided she wanted him. It would have been an in-your-face rebellious move against a controlling father and her socialite mother who felt her daughter's only purpose was to grace the arm of a powerful man.

Blade made her laugh and the sex was hot, passionate, and intense. Using her connections she got Flight some visibility and eventually their first contract. After cutting their first record Tabby told Blade she wanted him to marry her. He agreed but their marriage and relationship quickly began to disintegrate. Tabby did not like the attention that Blade received and became jealous and obsessive, often accusing him of cheating on her. Their marriage finally fell apart after Blade met Danica Cole at a photo shoot and became enamored with her. They divorced after 5 months of marriage.

Tabby is an emotional, demanding, demonstrative and challenging woman. Despite her independence, she craves a close and committed relationship. She presents a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet beneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion, a strong will and persistent drive.

Tabby's Mosaic

1. name: Tabby
2. hometown: Houston
3. favorite food: Sushi
4. favorite color: Turquiose and rose
5. favorite weather/time of day: Dusk
6. favorite drink: Taittinger Champagne
7. currently reading: The Shadow of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark
8. career: Heiress
9. if she had one wish: Validation
10. thing she loves most in the world: Traveling
11. one word to describe her: Independent
12. something else: Ambitious


  1. 5 months? Wow, that's amazing. How long did they date before getting married? I guess it shouldn't be surprising that he has a short-term marriage if he's been married four times already.

    I think that it's always the ones who seem the most independent and detached that have those feelings of wanting that seem the most insecure. Maybe her getting everything she wanted deprived her of some needed structure?

  2. I would have to sit down and do a time line to figure out the question of how long they dated. Alex married her because she wanted him to and I think there was a feeling of obligation on his part which is kind of surprising considering his personality. Affection but probably not love was involved here. But then he tends to fall hard and fast so...I could be wrong.