Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rob Porter

Family Status: single; no children

Vital Statistics: Blond hair, blue eyes; right-handed; 5'11"; piercings in ears and lower lip; tats on his back and upper arms (wings)
Born: February 29 (leap year child)

Parents: David Porter and Annike Christensen
Siblings: None

Likes: Absolut vodka; goose down comforters; ultra-light planes; silver
Dislikes: anything with reindeer and snowflakes on it; beans and rice; girls with elf obsessions
Best Feature: I can find my way out of a paper bag, or into one if that's your pleasure

Education: major in math; minor in English literature

Profession:Musician, Guitar and vocals ~ Flight

Background: The only child of a Swedish mother and an American father, Rob's parents never married and lived together only sporadically although neither ever formed any other close relationships and obviously loved each other. They made careful plans for their son. Rob grew up with money, art, music, and considerable expectations. As a child, he found he enjoyed the thrill when he stole something. Over the years he became very accomplished at stealing everything from jewelry to credit cards. He met Alex AKA Blade Ferguson in high school, and, when Alex finally fled his home, provided him a temporary place to stay. Rob's mother died of breast cancer when he was 18. Rather than move in with his father, who was living in the Southwest, he left home and formed the band Flight with Alex. Rob's 'talent' for theft, along with his charm, looks, enthusiasm and hard headed practicality, kept the two in food and shelter until the band took off. Rob was the alley cat, stealing to survive.

Rob has a rescue Greyhound he named Charlotte after Charlotte Bronte. His FWB takes care of her when he's on the road. Rob loves the dog. Rob is a closet romantic.

A very talented musician; reserved, sensual, intelligent.  He does anything and everything he can to keep his life from descending into chaos, but dumping a friend pulls him apart.  Rob will sacrifice his own happiness to keep the band he fought so hard to build from coming apart.  He doesn't have a lot of happiness even on a good day with a head wind anyway.

Rob's Mosaic:

1. First Name - Rob
2. Hometown - Georgetown
3. Favorite Food - Crab feast
4. Favorite Color - Dirty White
5. Favorite Weather - Snow
6. Favorite Drink - Absolut Vodka
7. Dream Vacation - Ice Hotel in Sweden
8. Favorite Dessert - Blueberries
9. Profession - Musician
10. One of the things I love most in the world - Lady in the wind
11. One Word That Describes Me - Organized
12. Something Else About Me - Keep Your Distance


  1. Ahh, Rob...

    I don't know why, but it seems completely natural that someone who loves to steal would also be controlling. What a wonderful detail. I love these profiles!

  2. Rachel...laughing!!! Of course it's natural. He has to control the environment and himself in order to steal. It's a test and a challenge, and it bleeds over into relationships. Thank you!!

  3. I love the first shot with his back. Lovely. Did you make his tattoo overlays?

  4. Thank you Choco! Sometimes I use a weather mod that changes the color of the sky - it has its limitations since it overwrites background objects. In this case it worked.

    Gayl makes all the tatoo overlays we use. I love that one too.