Friday, September 11, 2009

Lindsey Richards

Family Status: Single; divorced from Alex "Blade" Ferguson (first wife); no children

Vital Statistics: Brown hair, silver-violet eyes; one tattoo; slightly overlapped front teeth; mole under left eye
Born: February 17th ~ Aquarius/Pisces Cusp

Parents: Franklin Richards ~ Tiffany Markeley Richards
Siblings: One brother, two sisters

Likes: bare feet; staying up all night; spontaneity; old movies; music; surprises
Dislikes: routine; predictability; raisins; judgmental people; feeling caged
Best Feature: Her laugh

Education: High School diploma

Profession: Bartender

Background: Born and raised in Georgetown by conservative parents, rebellious Lindsey was a tomboy who loved the outdoors, sports and being "one of the boys". She left home right after graduation from high school to "live out her fantasies". Lindsey rented a small apartment and found a job bar-tending at a trendy club near the university. Her lively personality and joyous laugh earned her large tips, a loyal clientele and fan base of college men and professors.

Lindsey attended high school with Rob Porter and Alex Ferguson (her first sexual partner at age 16) and maintained a friendship with them after graduation while they attended college. She took them into her apartment when they needed support and a place to stay. Lindsey had a casual sexual relationship with both men, sometimes as a threesome, but felt a strong attraction to Alex. A long summer night of partying with Alex, who had adopted the nickname Blade by then, found her and Alex waking the next morning in a tangle of legs, hung over, tattooed and married. Alex liked the idea of being married to her, he loved her spirit and sense of humor, but Lindsey soon began to feel trapped and stifled. The marriage ended when Alex came home to find her in bed with one of his college professors and her best friend, Sara.

Lindsey is attractive, unpredictable, outgoing and quirky with an infectious laugh. While she can be nurturing, Lindsey also craves freedom and adventure. She is adaptable and resilient, quick-thinking and energetic, a bit hedonistic. Born on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp Lindsey shares some Pisces traits. She has a secret romantic "fantasy land" that sometimes skews her ability to see things in their true light.

Lindsey's Mosaic

1. name: Lindsey (meaning - Linden tree on the water)
2. hometown: Georgetown
3. favorite food: Tempura
4. favorite color: Fuchsia
5. favorite weather/time of day: Winter in Georgetown
6. favorite drink: Tequila shooters
7. currently reading: Rolling Stone
8. career: Bartender
9. if she had one wish: To start over
10. thing she loves most in the world: Dancing in the rain
11. one word to describe her: Effervescent
12. something else: Unpredictable


  1. What a scandalous little thing! I guess since she needs something new frequently the bar scene might be just the thing. However, she's still seems pretty young so that might change soon. She's gorgeous (like everyone has said) and quite outrageous. I guess that's coming from someone who doesn't participate in the occasional threesome. =P

  2. She is definitely a wild child!

    We do have plans to get into these ladies more when the current story arc is done. We will be able to reveal a lot more about their past as well as their present.