Sunday, September 13, 2009

Danica Cole

Family Status: Single; divorced from Alex "Blade" Ferguson (third wife); two children-twin boy and girl

Vital Statistics: Blonde hair, grey-blue eyes; 5' 8"
Born: May 17th ~ Taurus

Parents: Donovan Cole ~ Sylvie Magnus Cole
Siblings: none

Likes: Fresh fruit; silk; piano bars; soft kisses along my collarbone; breakfast in bed
Dislikes: Spiders; insincerity; being rushed; people who assume I am unintelligent
Best Feature: skin

Education: High School

Profession: Model

Background: Danica was born and raised in Chicago in an upper middle class family. As a young girl she loved putting on fashion shows with her dolls and then with her neighborhood friends in her back yard. She began modeling as a fresh faced teenager and was featured in a few teen magazines. As she got older her looks turned more sultry and she was soon gracing the pages of several high fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, Allure, Glamour. Most recently, Dani became the face for Reverie perfume.

Danica met Alex Ferguson at a photo shoot for GQ magazine where he was being featured as the cover story. Although they were both immediately enamored, Alex was still married to his second wife Tabby so Danica resisted his advances. Alex continued to pursue her and when his divorce became final, he and Dani became inseparable. She fell deeply in love with Alex and was deliriously happy.

Having a strong desire for a solid home life that included children, Danica brought the topic up with Alex. Not wanting to be an absentee father during his band's rise to fame, Alex refused to give in to her desire and pleaded with her to put it off. Dani, on the other hand, wanted to have children and go back to modeling while she was still in her prime. It became the thorn in their marriage that eventually took it down. Unable to find a compromise Danica filed for divorce which devastated Alex. He lashed out at her by immediately pursuing and marrying another model and acquaintance of Dani's, Adriana Garcia. When that marriage fell apart, Dani was there for Alex. Sex between them had always been explosive and satisfying and they soon fell into a friends with benefits relationship. They reconciled, bought a house in South Beach on the exclusive Peninsula, and she delivered her children there.

Sensual, patient, stubborn, practical, reliable, and passionate are a few words that describe Dani.

Danica's Mosaic

Danica Cole

1. name: Danica
2. hometown: Chicago
3. favorite food: Clam chowder
4. favorite color: Orange
5. favorite weather: First rays of sunlight
6. favorite drink: Tequila Sunrise
7. currently reading: Vogue
8. career: Fashion Model
9. if she had one wish: to have a child
10. thing she loves most in the world: being in love
11. one word to describe her: sexy
12. something else: hopeful


  1. There's something about Dani and Blade that i would love to see work out. They seem the most compatible to me. Of course, there's the child issue so that may always be the ultimate deal breaker. I understand what she means about wanting to bounce back before her "prime" in modeling is over. I wonder if she ever thought to wait until after she's done with modeling to have a child. I guess she'd be worried about her ability to conceive at that point.

  2. Choco: Alex and Danica definitely were the most compatible. They would most liely still be together if it hadn't been for the baby issue. Between all 4 of his wives, Dani and Lindsey were the two that he truly had feelings for. He was young when he married Lindsey so it is hard to say if it would have lasted but with Dani, Blade was already established and they could have made it work.

    I think Dani regrets the divorce but at the time she was pretty sure that a child was not in the future.

    Thanks so much for commenting! I never expect people to do that here so it was a pleasant surprise.