Monday, September 14, 2009

Adriana Garcia

Family Status: Single; divorced from Alex "Blade" Ferguson (fourth wife); no children

Vital Statistics: Heavy brown hair, light blue eyes; 5' 9"; Brazilian accent
Born: May 1st ~ Taurus

Parents: Alfonso Garcia ~ Isobel Vitali Garcia
Siblings: One sister

Likes: emeralds and diamonds; men with hairy chests; security; cooking; wealth
Dislikes: Change; lack of sleep; feeling vulnerable;
Best Feature: Her body

Education: High School

Profession: International Model

Background: Born in Rio de Janiero to a middle class family, her father was pure Brazilian and her mother an Italian/Brazilian blend. Adriana spent a great deal of time at the beach as opposed to school growing up. She developed at an early age and learned how to use her body to get what she wanted whether it was clothes, jewelry, or simply attention. Trading sex was of little consequence since Adriana was a very passionate and sensual girl. She caught the eye of Jacques Dequeker who did a spread for Vogue Brazil that featured Adriana and she quickly rose in the ranks as a top international model.

Adriana met Blade Ferguson at a Playboy magazine photo shoot. He married her three weeks later having just finalized his divorce from Danica Cole. A sensual and romantic woman who thoroughly enjoys physical pleasures, both in giving and receiving, the attraction between Adriana and Blade was explosive and intense. Although she was determined to make him happy by being a devoted wife she was possessive, jealous, unwilling to compromise on any level. When she jumped on stage and hurled what she claimed was blood on the women closest to her husband, scratching Rob across the face when he attempted to grab her, the marriage ended.

Petulant and energetic, Adriana loves the outdoors and nature as well as fine art and luxurious surroundings. She is an excellent cook and very giving of herself. She can be stubborn, short-tempered, determined and generous.

Adriana's Mosaic

1. name: Adriana (Villa Adriana)
2. hometown: Rio de Janiero
3. favorite food: Pastel de Nata
4. favorite color: Shades of purple
5. favorite weather/time of day: Brazilian winter
6. favorite drink: Orange Pellegrino with sangria orange
7. currently reading: Romance novel
8. career: International Model
9. if she had one wish: Wealth
10. thing she loves most in the world: Love
11. one word to describe her: Hot tempered
12. something else: Taurus


  1. Another wild one. I can't believe how violently she acted. That kind of behavior seems to be the thing that definitely ends a relationship. So much passion can be so good and so bad at the same time.

  2. Yeah that was pretty violent and off the wall. Marrying her was a mistake from the get-go.