Friday, August 21, 2009

Cruz Delgato

Family Status: Single

Vital Statistics: Black hair, blue eyes; 6' 1", 190 lbs; right handed; 20-40 vision in his left eye; fractured vertebrae from a diving accident; scar on right knee; ink on left bicep
Born: April 12th ~ Aries

Parents: Amanda Alcaide ~ Gabriel Lombardo
Grandparents: Nicholas Alcaide ~ Maeve Owen; Don Lombardo ~ Ellen Boyd
Extended FamilyRafe Taylor; Nicolas, Miranda Taylor, and Autumn Taylor; Camilla Lombardo; Anthony Lombardo

Likes: beautiful kickass girls; big bikes; the city
Dislikes: guys who beat up on girls; people who think they own me
Best Feature They're all pretty good
Profession: Mechanic.

Background: Conceived illegitimately, Cruz's mother gave him up at birth, determined to make a break from his father. She never looked back. His grandfather, Nicholas Alcaide, arranged to place him with family friends and continued to provide resources while he was growing up. He was raised in a strict environment (a strategy that backfired). Cruz knows he was adopted but has no information about his birth parents, nor has he ever been particularly curious about them. An academic underachiever, arrogant and insolent, in and out of trouble including three brief stints in juvy on assault charges (he would say they deserved it, if he said anything at all, and he probably would not, but no regrets). Intelligent and resourceful but not particularly ambitious, hot-tempered, restless, tends to leap to conclusions and make rapid and sometimes incorrect judgments.   Romantic despite himself.