Thursday, July 3, 2008

Miranda Elizabeth Taylor

Family Status: Young Adult

Vital Statistics: Black hair, honey brown eyes, sensual bee-stung lips, 5' 6"
Born: July 26th ~ Leo

Parents: Rafe Taylor ~ Gayl Taylor
Grandparents: Anthony Lombardo; Eden Westover Lombardo Taylor Gianni Lucchesi; Rosalie DeValle Lucchesi
Aunts/Uncles: Marc Lombardo; Camilla Lombardo; Andrew Westover
Extended Family: Gabriel Lombardo, Colin Westover, Kestral Westover Mitchell, Cruz Delgato
Siblings: 3 step-brothers; 1 brother, Nicolas Anthony; 1 sister Autumn

Singing; dancing; Patron Silver tequila; hanging with Rainie; shopping, the beach
Umbrella drinks; homework; people who are mean; wearing shoes; being disorganized
Best Feature:


Currently unemployed

Randi is the second child for Rafe Taylor and his wife, Gayl. Grew up in Bay View on the beach which she loves. Extroverted, sometimes self-centered, ambitious and determined, generous and fun-loving. Loves to wear silk and lace. Resents the fact that her brother can sneak out of the house without getting caught. Randi has a warm and magnetic personality although she can be bossy at times. She is vibrant, fiery, graceful and strong-willed. Currently dating Will Savage.

Randi's Meme:

1. Miranda, 2. Bay View, 3. Prime Rib, 4. Black Velvet, 5. Stormy weather, 6. Patron Silver, 7. Antigua - Caribbean ocean, 8. Profiteroles with chocolate sauce, 9. Photojournalist, 10. True Love's Kiss, 11. Vixen, 12. Wild Child

Will and Randi at college

Randi as teen

Randi as child

Randi as toddler

Catching a glimpse of the grandmother she never met, thankfully only in bad dreams.