Friday, May 22, 2009

Kestral Westover Mitchell

Family Status: Married to Jason Mitchell

Vital Statistics: Black hair, gray eyes
Born: March 20 - Pisces; Kestral was first born of the twins, placing her in the sign of Pisces

Parents: Samuel Westover ~ Nico Stewart
Siblings: Colin Westover
Aunts/Uncles: Eden Westover Lombardo Taylor; Camilla Lombardo
Cousins: Rafe Taylor

Children: Colin Thackery Mitchell

Likes: music, dancing, cooking, autumn leaves in the wind
Dislikes: cocktail parties, linoleum, cold places, never knowing where I'm going to stay for the night
Best Feature: eyes and hands

Education: dropped out of college

Profession: chef

Background: Kestral grew up with her with her twin brother in a chaotic household. Her mother appeared only rarely; her father moved constantly in search of his artistic muse, which he never found. An indifferent student, she is proud of her ability as a cook and has received recognition for her talent. More focused and capable than her family believes. Shy with strangers, artistic, caring, and completely unimpressed with wealth or fame.