Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colin Westover

Family Status: Single but in the market, looking for the right woman

Vital Statistics: Black hair, gray eyes; 6'1", 170 lbs and right-handed; never needs more than a few hours of sleep and usually catches them during the day
Born: March 21 - Aries; Colin was born several minutes after his twin sister, at 12:15 AM.

Parents: Andrew Westover ~ Nico Stewart
Siblings: Kestral Westover (twin sister)
Aunts/Uncles: Eden Westover Lombardo Taylor
Cousins: Rafe Taylor

Likes: Taking risks, seafood, women who know what they want
Dislikes: People who try to take advantage of my sister, debt, girly drinks with umbrellas
Best Feature: eyes

Profession: Entrepreneur; owns and manages several successful restaurants and clubs

Background: Emerged from his unsettled and insecure childhood with a very different personality and set of skills from his twin sister. Driven, intelligent, and outgoing, Colin is not afraid to take a chance on risky endeavors and will take full advantage of any and all opportunities. Sophisticated and highly educated; finds life generally funny and interesting and frequently ridiculous; definitely goes for what he wants, and usually gets it.