Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Camilla Lombardo

Family Status: Single; two children, Jaegar and Hailie (with Heydon Mitchell)

Vital Statistics: Green eyes, black hair; right handed; allergic to bee stings; had her appendix removed as a child and still worries about the scar
Born: September 25 - Libra

Parents: Joseph and Alessandra Lombardo
Siblings: Anthony (Tony) Joseph Lombardo
Nieces/Nephews: Rafe Taylor
Cousins: Gabriel Lombardo
Children:  Jaeger Mitchell; Hailie Mitchell

Likes: shoes, good looking men, sex, tequila, and rock music, not necessarily in that order
Dislikes: prissy people, sloppy drunks, cold coffee
Best Feature: The set that got me where I am and knowing how to use them.

Background: Born in a middle class family to academic parents, Cam rapidly rebelled. She attended one year of college, dropped out, and briefly shared an apartment with a friend before her disinterest in sharing any responsibility for housework or paying bills ended that relationship. After a brief stint in the “adult entertainment” industry, an elderly admirer left her a sizeable fortune. Camilla purchased her own home on the beach and has never worked since. Notoriously promiscuous party girl.  Conniving and intelligent and assertive with a bitch factor of ten multiplied by the power of ten. Strongly supports her family even when she disagrees with their choices. Camilla never forgave Beth Stanfield for breaking up with her brother. She remains loyal to her cousin Gabe.

Camilla was a sympathetic listener when Heydon Mitchell broke up with his wife Peri. The casual flirtation between them, going back years, exploded into an intense and mutual love affair and a commitment she never expected to make. Although they are not married, she bore him a son and daughter and lives happily with him. Heydon is a stronger party in the relationship than his friends privately believe. Most of them are more than a little intimidated by the force of nature that is Camilla.

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