Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rafael Taylor

Family Status: Married to Gayl; three children: Nicolas AnthonyMiranda Elizabeth and Autumn Hunter.

Vital Statistics: Gray eyes, black hair; 6'1", 205 lbs (and that is all muscle); heavy wavy hair which occasionally annoys him; a few scars he will neither discuss nor explain
Born: April 20 - Taurus

Parents: Anthony Lombardo and Eden Westover Lombardo Taylor.

Aunts/Uncles: Camilla Lombardo
Cousins: Gabe Lombardo; Kestral and Colin Westover.

Likes: Powerful bikes; grilled steak; cold gin; hot water; my wife in the firelight
Dislikes: Cold weather; warm beer; almost everyone in my family but particularly Gabe and my mother
Best Feature: Depends on your point of view

Profession: Investigative Journalist

Background: Raised by his mother and stepfather, a prominent politician, in a wealthy and highly visible environment. Very unhappy childhood. Moved in with his father for a brief period before he went to college - where he basically ripped through everything female he felt like taking down. He came very close to completely self destructing and may have permanently crashed if not for the love and care of his wife. He has a longstanding acrimonious relationship with his cousin Gabe whom he deeply mistrusts, and a more or less baffled relationship with his cousin Camilla. Rafe and his father are no longer in contact with one another (Rafe's choice). Rafe engineered his own mother's death and has not lost one minute of sleep over it.

Rafe and Cooper Stanfield's second wife formed a bond when she was dating Rafe's father. She risked a great deal to resolve a problem for him, and he has never forgotten it. They bicker like siblings but remain close, mutually protective friends. Along with Camilla and Gabe, she knows what happened to Rafe's mother and helped him to accomplish what he was driven to do.

Rafe met his wife when he was in college.  He went through a particularly difficult period, emotionally and physically exhausted, and she supported him long past his hope and expectation. He had doubts about whether or not she would accept him due to an age difference, persevered, charmed, fell deeply in love and married her.  Although a closed book in many aspects, Rafe is openly affectionate and makes no secret of his love and fidelity.

Possessive and jealous, sometimes moody and difficult to manage, Rafe is also extremely determined and both colder and more dangerous than most people realize.

As a teenager. Not the happiest time in his life.

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