Friday, May 22, 2009

Gabriel Lombardo

Family Status: Divorced (Tessa Paolini); one son, Cruz Delgato (Amanda Alcaide)

Vital Statistics: Blue eyes, black hair; right handed; sleeps on his left side; broken bones in right hand never healed properly, fingers are stiff and close with difficulty
Born: November 1 - Scorpio

Parents: Don Lombardo (Lothario) and Ellen Boyd
Siblings: None
Cousins: Rafe Taylor, Camilla Lombardo, Tony Lombardo

Likes: A challenge; beautiful women, fast cars, triple-filtered vodka
Dislikes: People who get in my way
Best Feature: The one behind my eyes

Background: Raised by a distracted father after the death of his mother in childbirth, Gabe learned early how to take care of himself but grew up self-centered and somewhat insecure. Jealous and resentful of his cousin Rafe, whom he copied. As he matured, Gabe developed a reputation as someone who made things happen. Briefly married to Tessa Paolini (an act of financial desperation he immediately regretted). He maintained a relationship with Amanda Alcaide from the time they were both teenagers, showing signs of jealousy when she turned her attention to other men, although he never committed to her. Close to his cousin Camilla, probably the only person who could be counted as a friend. Intelligent, tied in with everything and everybody, self assured, physically stunning and charismatic, he can be dangerous to cross. Curious, analytical, cool under pressure and narcissistic. A gambler.

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