Monday, October 13, 2008

Slim Savage and Family

Family Status: Married to Bonni McCallister Savage ~ 2 sons, William and Garrett

Vital Statistics: Blond hair, green eyes
Born: April 5th ~ Aries

Parents: Richard Savage and Eleanor McEvoy Savage
Siblings: none

Likes: Music; sexy, intelligent women; a rare steak; working out; sex; Jack Daniels
Dislikes: Manipulative people; shopping; being underestimated
Best Feature: Shoulders

Education: Degree in business
Profession: Business partner, Hitman Records

Background: Grew up in Millwood near his childhood friend Cooper Stanfield. Slim's father is a successful stock broker and his mother is a homemaker. Slim, although not a musician was the catalyst that got the band Mercury Rising off the ground. His popularity along with his networking skills in high school got the band gigs as well as establishing what came to be known as "pillow concerts" in the school gym.

Although his contribution and importance to the band and to Cooper was so much more, Slim started out as their roadie making sure equipment was handled properly and that the band was well taken care of. He quickly became known as the wall between Cooper Stanfield and any unwelcome attention from fans as well as Cooper's trusted friend. Secure with himself and very comfortable in his own skin, Slim and Cooper were known as the dynamic duo wherever they went.

He is like a second father to Wyatt Stanfield and had been a constant presence and connection to Cooper during Wyatt's childhood. Fearsome and charismatic, loyal, strong, passionate and deeply caring are only a few words that describe Slim.


Family Status: Married to Slim Savage ~ two sons, William (Will), and Garrett
Vital Statistics: Blonde hair, hazel eyes.
Born: April 30th ~ Taurus

Parents: Ian McCallister and Lydia Bennett McCallister
Siblings: Claudia McCallister (twin)

Likes: Diamonds; fine art and music; smart men; cooking; Cabernet; long, intense sex; stability
Dislikes: Women who hit on her husband; dishonesty; being manipulated; pushy people; lima beans
Best Feature: Legs

Education: Major in Criminal Justice

Profession: Private Investigator, currently inactive

Background: Born slightly more than 3 minutes after her twin sister to an affluent family, Bonni and her sister Claudia ("Clyde") could not be more different. While Bonni was focused and worked hard, Claudia is a party girl and very promiscuous. Industrious, reliable and practical, Bonni is a gentle and good-natured woman however, if provoked, she can exhibit a ferocious temper. She also has an equally unexpected sense of humor.

Bonni had a brief casual relationship with Slim Savage whom she met on a concert tour while investigating Dr. Agnes Parker and her connection to Cooper Stanfield. Bonni renewed the relationship in an effort to gain access to Cooper and ultimately take down Dr. Parker and ended up falling in love with him. She moved in with Slim shortly after renewing their relationship and although they separated briefly after his affair with Julia Stanfield, they married on Christmas Eve, the night Julia was murdered. After several attempts Bonni finally became pregnant and gave birth to their son, Will.

Bonni is earthy, faithful, loving, possessive, determined, and generous of herself when it is deserved.


Garrett Savage

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