Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wyatt Stanfield

Family Status: Young adult

Vital Statistics: Brown hair, blue eyes
Born: February 2nd ~ Aquarius

Parents:Cooper Stanfield ~ Julia Wilson Stanfield (Deceased)
Siblings: Rayne, Nathan and Eric Stanfield, Harmony (Cooper Stanfield ~ Beth Johnson Stanfield)
Grandparents: Eric and Cassandra Roland Stanfield
Aunts/Uncles: Ericca Stanfield

Likes: Music; the wind; pancakes; girls with long hair; loyalty
Dislikes: Waking up early; users; people who take life for granted
Best Feature: Eyes

Education: College graduate - music major

Profession: Musician

Wyatt has endured a great deal for a young man.  His mother's murder, and discovering her body, traumatized a child already hurt by his parents' divorce.  He has come to terms with his father and moved on.   He is uncertain about moving forward with his relationship with Cadence Mitchell, though, worrying that the lifestyle he plans to lead will inevitably tear them apart just as it did his father and mother, and Cade's parents too.

Wyatt is creative, moody, intense, temperamental, intelligent, idealistic, and a romantic.

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