Friday, July 4, 2008

Stefanie Willows Holloway

Family Status: Married to Shaun Holloway - one child, Devlin Holloway

Vital Statistics: Blonde hair with black streaks, green eyes
Born: January 10th ~ Capricorn

Parents: Justin Goodwin ~ Laura Willows
Siblings: None

Likes: Independence; pizza; yoga; fresh strawberries and cream; being on stage; spontaneity
Dislikes: People who try to control you; dresses; feeling trapped; weak-willed men
Best Feature: Cheek bones

Education: High school diploma

Profession: Musician, drummer for Storm Warning

Background: Parents were childhood sweethearts when Stevie's mother became pregnant. Her father came around once in awhile but refused to marry her mother. He finally left for good when Stevie was a young girl. Stevie craved affection after her father left and her mother turned to drinking but Stevie had to fend for herself. As a teen, Stevie struggled to focus and found herself constantly tapping on her desk. One of her teachers took Stevie under his wing and steered her toward music where she eventually joined a rock band. After graduation Stevie hitchhiked across the US playing gigs for various bands until she became bored and moved on. Finally ending up in Bay View she met Shaun Holloway who was a studio musician. They formed the band Storm Warning but could not find or keep a reliable guitarist. Rumored to have been romantically linked with Cooper Stanfield during his memory loss, Stevie refuses to discuss her relationship with the guitarist stating emphatically, "It's none of your damned business!" Ambitious, Stevie buried herself in her music until the band finally got their break and an innovative steady lead guitar and vocalist, Tyler Romero. They signed a long term contract with Hitman Records and will tour with the band Mercury Rising on their upcoming tour. Free spirited Stevie is self reliant, a loyal friend, possesses an offbeat sense of humor, and prefers to live in the moment.

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