Friday, July 4, 2008

Shaun Holloway

Family Status: Married to Stefanie Willows Holloway - one child Devlin Holloway

Vital Statistics: Black hair, blue eyes
Born: February 19th ~ Aquarius/Pisces Cusp

Parents: Gavin Holloway ~ Margaret Ryan Holloway
Siblings: None

Likes: Exotic food; candlelight; hot tubs; spending time with friends; traveling; my truck
Dislikes: Being alone; my nose; superficial people;
Best Feature: Sense of humor

Education: Major in Music, minor in Philosophy

Profession: Musician, bass player for Storm Warning

Background: Raised in a loving home by his English father and Irish mother. There wasn't a lot of money as Shaun grew up so he worked his way through college tending bar and doing some modeling. Shaun was featured in a Playgirl photo shoot focusing on male students in college. Soft spoken and gentle, Shaun's velvet voice is quietly seductive. He loves living near the beach and is frequently seen surfing just before sunrise. Shaun met Stevie Willows while he was a studio musician and took an instant liking to the gypsy spirit in her. Together they formed the band Storm Warning and had a brief fling which eventually became a serious relationship. Shaun currently lives with Stevie in a large house just off the beach in Bay View. Imaginative, magnetic, extroverted, practical, and generous, Shaun would like to open a music school for underprivileged children one day.

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