Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ryan McDermott

Family Status: Single

Vital Statistics: Red hair, dark brown eyes; 6'1"; right-handed; pierced left ear; light freckles across his nose
Born: May 5th ~ Taurus

Parents: Patrick McDermott ~ Alice Tanner McDermott
Siblings: None
Children: One son, Riley McDermott ~ Landry Greenwood (Deceased)

Likes: Glenfiddich; seafood; intelligent, spontaneous women; breakfast in bed; sleeping naked
Dislikes: shopping; pretentious women who giggle; politics; dressing up; talking about myself; dishonesty
Best Feature: Mouth

Education: U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis

Profession: Security; former Navy SEAL

Background: Ryan's father was a career naval officer so his family moved around frequently. As a result, Ryan has been all over the world. His father insisted he look to the Navy as a career but Ryan had other ideas giving up his career as a SEAL and leaving with several honors. A dark event from his past has haunted Ryan leaving him extremely reluctant to discuss himself or much of his life as a SEAL. He is currently estranged from his parents. Lived with his girlfriend Landry Greenwood until shortly before her death. Ryan became deeply involved with Cooper Stanfield's second wife, a woman he was employed to protect, and her daughter, Rayne. The affair did not end well.

Ryan is unpredictable, disciplined, restrained, not particularly modest, dangerous, and often restless.

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