Saturday, July 12, 2008

Peridot Thackeray

Family Status: Divorced from Heydon Mitchell ~ 2 sons Jason and Jett; 1 daughter Cadence

Vital Statistics: Blonde hair, emerald green eyes.
Born: May 29th ~ Gemini

Parents: Robert Thackeray (deceased) and Marilee Lenhart Thackeray Marshall
Siblings: none

Likes: Music; art; photography; parties; sex; Champagne; excitement
Dislikes: Being alone; feeling controlled; not being taken seriously
Best Feature: My eyes

Education: High school diploma

Profession: Artist

Background: Only child of Robert and Marilee Thackeray. Peri matured at an early age completed high school early, leaving home soon after. Her father was an alcoholic and abusive toward her mother. Peri ran away continuously through high school until her father was killed in an auto accident. Her mother remarried several years later. Extremely flirtatious and lively, Peri followed the rock band Mercury Rising selling her sketches of the band as a way to earn a living. She had a torrid affair with Daniel Whitney but had a falling out with him and began dating his band mate, Heydon Mitchell who she eventually married. Longing for a family of her own, she quickly became pregnant and has three children with Heydon. She is a good mother and is close with all three children but occasionally feels insecure and can be flighty.

Currently living with Daniel Whitney in the city.  

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