Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nicolas Anthony Taylor

Family Status: Young Adult

Vital Statistics: Black hair, gray eyes, 6' 1" 195 lbs, ambidextrous
Born: February 2nd ~ Aquarius

Parents: Rafael Taylor ~ Gayl Taylor
Grandparents: Anthony Lombardo; Eden Westover Lombardo Taylor Gianni Lucchesi; Rosalie DeValle Lucchesi
Aunts/Uncles: Marc Lombardo; Camilla Lombardo; Andrew Westover
Extended Family: Gabriel Lombardo, Colin Westover, Kestral Westover Mitchell, Cruz Delgato
3 step-brothers; 2 sisters, Miranda Elizabeth; Autumn Hunter

Ice cream; big bikes; sports; fried chicken; the beach; imported beer
Getting up early; cold weather; broccoli; raking leaves
Best Feature:
My sense of humor


Works in a music store

First child for Rafe Taylor and his wife, Gayl. Grew up in a Bay View beach house with two loving but firm parents. Extroverted, smart, sometimes temperamental and moody, extremely active. Enjoys the outdoors as well as working out with his father. Currently sharing a rental in college with his best friend, Will Savage. Has an intense crush on Rayne Stanfield; they briefly dated when they were teens and have remained close friends. Nic has matured a great deal and although he resembled his mother as a youngster, Nic looks strikingly like his father Rafe.

Nic's Meme:

1. Nic 2. The Bay View, 3. Ribs, 4. Steel gray, 5. Sunshowers, 6. Imported beer, 7. Road trip, 8. Chocolate sundae, 9. Writer (Nic is undecided), 10. Riding, 11. Knight Horse and Sword, 12. I miss you

Nic as a teen

Nic as a child

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