Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nathan Stanfield

Family Status: In University

Vital Statistics: Dark brown hair, golden brown eyes; left handed; might be half an inch shorter than his twin brother; roadburn scar on the back of his right calf from an accident (boosted his dad's bike and crashed)
Born: March 11; Pisces
Parents: Cooper Stanfield and Beth Johnson Stanfield
Grandparents: Eric and Cassandra Stanfield; Dover and Catherine Johnson
Siblings: Eric (twin brother), Rayne, Harmony *Hugs*, and Wyatt Stanfield
Aunts/Uncles: Ericca Stanfield

Background: Born a few minutes after his brother Eric, Nathan is Cooper Stanfield's third son. Fiercely competitive, Nate is gifted with his father's looks, voice and talent.

Nate's relationship with his father deteriorated, although his choices and his personality are almost identical. Nate is protective of his mother and resents his father for making her unhappy. He's torn, fully aware of his mother's relationship with Ryan McDermott but refuses to acknowledge the part she played in the dissolution of his parents' marriage.

Nate is cavalier about using his twin brother's talent and milder disposition to get his own way. Arrogant, sensual, charismatic, he can also be caring.  He is openly affectionate toward both of his sisters, particularly his baby sister Hugs.