Friday, July 4, 2008

Landry Greenwood

Family Status: Deceased ~ 1 son Riley

Vital Statistics: Red hair, olive eyes
Born: April 10th ~ Aries

Parents: Charles Greenwood (deceased) ~ Lynnea Appleton Greenwood
Siblings: None

Likes: Dancing; sex; men with muscles; billiards; spicy food, especially Thai and Mexican food; anything romantic
Dislikes: Being alone; not being taken seriously; beer; cheating; boring men; not getting what she wants
Best Feature: Long, shapely legs

Education: Attended college briefly
Profession: Administrative assistant, Hitman Records

Background: Raised in a middle class neighborhood, Landry matured very early and dated quite a bit. Her father, Charley died in a freak automobile accident along with a woman who was later discovered to be his mistress. As a result, Landry left college where she had been studying dance to care for her mother who had become depressed and bitter. Landry is rather promiscuous and enjoyed the company of various men until she met Ryan McDermott. She harbored a longing to actually marry Ryan although Landry was acutely aware that she shared a place in his heart. Incredibly beautiful, sexy, flirtatious, possessive, strong-willed, and impulsive.

Landry died after giving birth to a son, fathered by Ryan.

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