Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jett Mitchell

Family Status: Young Adult

Vital Statistics: Black hair, emerald green eyes.
Born: August 5th ~ Leo

Parents: Heydon Mitchell and Peridot Thackeray Mitchell
Siblings: Jason Mitchell, Cadence Mitchell

Likes: Music; night life; steak; spontaneous girls; fast cars; money
Dislikes: Driving with Jason; possessive girls; not being in charge; playing it safe
Best Feature: My charm

Education: Currently attending college, undeclared major.

Profession: Student

Background: Jett is the second son of Heydon and Peri Mitchell. Being close in age to his older brother, he developed the same love for the guitar but plays bass in their band Crux. He inherited his mother's green eyes and uses them often to charm girls. Jett is a fairly uncomplicated young man who knows what he wants and uses his talents to get it. He has a strong magnetism, is extremely creative and extroverted. Although younger than Jason, Jett has a more dominant personality and often clashes with his brother over how things should be done. He is loyal, strong willed, independent, and self-confident and also has a strong sense of family. Very close to his father and equally protective of his baby sister.

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