Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jason and Kestral Westover Mitchell

Jason Mitchell

Vital Statistics: Dark Brown hair, deep blue eyes.
Born: June 15th ~ Gemini

Parents: Heydon Mitchell and Peridot Thackeray
Siblings: Jett Mitchell, Cadence Mitchell, Jaeger Mitchell (half-brother), Hailie Mitchell (half-sister)

Spouse: Kestral Westover
Children: Colin Thackery Mitchell

Likes: Music; dancing; math; my guitar; dark haired girls
Dislikes: Lack of sleep; winter; seafood; snobby girls
Best Feature: Broad shoulders

Education: College graduate

Profession: Musician

Background: Jason is the first child for Heydon and Peri Thackery (Mitchell). His love of music grew at an early age when his father sat him on his lap and played guitar with him. Jason plays guitar in a band called Crux with Wyatt Stanfield and Jett, his younger brother. Jason has always had a quick wit and inquisitive mind. Jason is a warm and caring brother and can be very opinionated when it comes to making decisions. Always full of energy Jason is extremely ambitious and outgoing. He shares an especially close bond with his father and is protective of his baby sister.

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