Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heydon Mitchell

Family Status: Divorced from Peridot Thackeray Mitchell ~ 2 sons Jason and Jett; 1 daughter Cadence (with Peridot); 1 son Jaegar and 1 daughter Hailie with Camilla Lombardo

Vital Statistics: Black hair, sapphire blue eyes.
Born: July 28th ~ Leo

Parents: Bryan Mitchell and Rosalie Heydon Mitchell
Siblings: none

Likes: Music; sexy women; lobster; fast cars; sex; tequila
Dislikes: Arguing; being deceived; brandy; not getting any sleep; being broke
Best Feature: My eyes

Education: Degree in music

Profession: Musician, Guitar and vocals ~ Mercury Rising

Background: Born to middle class parents, Heydon grew up with Cooper Stanfield in Millwood along with Aiden O'Malley and Slim Savage. A talented musician, Heydon taught himself to play guitar until his parents recognized his talent and finally agreed to formal lessons. Attended college on scholarships and briefly in debt due to student loans, Heydon quickly earned enough money to pay off those debts once the band gained popularity. Always a bit of a womanizer, Heydon met Peridot Thackeray, a young artist who followed the band and sketched them for money and was immediately smitten. Although previously involved with Daniel Whitney, the band's drummer, Heydon pursued her relentlessly and when she and Whitney had a falling out, Heydon made his move. He eventually asked Peri to marry him which she accepted. Extremely close to his sons and daughter although his marriage eventually failed.

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