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Cooper Stanfield

Family Status: Divorced from Julia Wilson Stanfield (deceased) ~ one son, Wyatt;

Married to Elizabeth Johnson Stanfield ~ four children, daughter Rayne Stanfield; twin sons, Eric and Nathan Stanfield; and his youngest child, Harmony Gayl (aka Hugs).

Vital Statistics: Brown hair, golden brown eyes. Left handed. 6'2". Small chip in one front tooth. Ink on both arms.

Born: February 14th ~ Aquarius

Parents: Eric Stanfield and Cassandra Roland Stanfield
Siblings: Ericca Stanfield

Likes: Jack Daniels; leather; children; late nights; sleeping in; the ocean; long, steamy showers with my wife
Dislikes: Talking about my past; lack of privacy; needy women; being separated from my family
Best Feature: I can only pick one? Eyes or smile

Education: Major in music, minor in science.

Profession: Musician, Guitar and vocals ~ Mercury Rising

Background: Born into an upper middle class family and raised in a very loving home. Attended a prestigious university along with childhood friends Slim Savage, Heydon Mitchell, and Aiden O'Malley where they formed the band Mercury Rising. Shortly before their meteoric rise to fame, they replaced their original drummer with Daniel Whitney. After their first record went double platinum, Cooper founded Hitman Records with co-owner Slim Savage. Cooper is considered the premier rock guitarist of his time. Some even say he is a legend. Imaginative, creative, sensual and seductive, he can be temperamental at times.

Cooper's first marriage, a union he impulsively made after knowing Julia for less than a week, fell into pieces after a long separation. Struggling with trauma and physical and emotional injuries, he couldn't find the support he desperately needed and felt trapped and overwhelmed with Julia's need for constant reassurance. He walked out, leaving her with a small child, and although he tried to forge a bond with his son Wyatt, the relationship was bitter and broken. He met his second wife when he literally hit her with his bike when she was crossing the street.  Although neither of them immediately remembered the occasion, they'd met before as very young teens on a beach at night. The relationship is volatile, passionate, intense, and loving.

Cooper's Meme:

1. First Name
2. Hometown
3. Favorite Food
4. Favorite Color
5. Favorite Weather
6. Favorite Drink
7. Dream Vacation
8. Favorite Dessert
9. Profession
10. One of the things I love most in the world
11. One Word That Describes Me
12. Something Else About Me

Cooper Magic, Millwood, Steak and Lobster, Black over Gold, Hot and Cold summer rain, Whiskey, Cap d'Antibes, Strawberries in cream, Guitar Passion, Crescendo, Sex, Soft strokes


On the way back...



Cooper as a child

His parents: Eric and Cassandra Stanfield


The provocative and sexually suggestive print from Cooper's first photoshoot after his second marriage.  Cooper is notoriously private, but unlike other his other personal photos, he distributed this as a part of a small set including a few performance shots.  There was speculation that he wanted to end rumors that he intended to return to his first wife, and distributing this photograph was part of that effort.


From a series of private family photos taken as a present for wife.


Cooper's first wife, Julia Wilson, a love match that did not survive the long separation, mutual emotional damage and Cooper's physical and mental trauma.

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