Friday, December 18, 2009

Eric Stanfield

Family Status: In University

Vital Statistics: Medium brown hair, green/blue eyes; a little taller than his twin brother; allergic to dog, cat and horse hair; still doesn't hear clearly out of his left ear - a childhood fight with his brother ended with a stick in his ear
Born: March 11; Pisces

Parents: Cooper Stanfield and Beth Johnson Stanfield
Grandparents: Eric and Cassandra Stanfield; Dover and Catherine Johnson
Siblings: Nathan (twin brother), Rayne, Harmony *Hugs*, and Wyatt Stanfield
Aunts/Uncles: Ericca Stanfield

Background: Eric is the elder of Cooper Stanfield's twin sons. His relationship with his twin brother is close, but Eric typically gives way to his brother. Nate has, on more than one occasion, used lyrics Eric wrote without asking or crediting him. Eric is reserved, uncertain how he fits in the family, somewhat intimated by his half brother Wyatt, and very fond of his little sister. He gave Hugs her first ballerina music box on her third birthday.

Eric resented the decision to send him to the same university as his twin, and park him in the same dorm, although he did not push his preference or say much about it after his initial somewhat muted protest was ignored (or simply overlooked in the general family turmoil).