Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cadence Mitchell

Family Status: Young Adult

Vital Statistics: Black hair, deep blue eyes
Born: June 1st ~ Gemini

Parents: Heydon Mitchell ~ Peridot Thackeray Mitchell
Siblings: Jason Mitchell, Jett Mitchell, half-brother Jaeger Mitchell, half-sister Hailie Mitchell

Likes: Being barefoot; music; dancing; spice cake; getting my way; my VW Beetle; the beach at night;
Dislikes: Sitting still for too long; boring people; being told what to do
Best Feature: A quick wit and devastating smile

Education: Currently attending college

Profession: Dance Major

Background: Cadence is the youngest child of Heydon and Peri Mitchell. Developed a crush on Cooper Stanfield at a very young age. Precocious, lively, and smart with a charming sense of humor, Cadie has always been the center of attention in her family. Her older brothers tease her mercilessly but she gives as good as she gets. Despite their sibling rivalries, Jason and Jett are fiercely protective of her. Cadie has grown into a lovely young adult and has inherited her mother’s stunning good looks. She shares a very special close bond with her father. Affectionate, talkative, artistic, inquisitive but easily distracted, Cadence can be flirty and always full of energy.

Cadie as a teenager

Cadence as a child

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