Monday, June 23, 2008

Tyler Romero

Family Status: Single

Vital Statistics: Brown hair, brown eyes; ambidextrous, favors his right hand; can sleep sitting up (some of his friends swear he can sleep with his eyes open); occasionally talks at length in his sleep
Birthdate: September 30 - Libra

Parents: Edward and Marcella Romero
Siblings: Sofie Romero

Likes: Cool nights and warm days, grilled steak, pretty blondes, a real Sazerac
Dislikes: Having to be somewhere too early in the day, women who wear too much perfume, chick flicks, saggy mattresses
Best Feature: Can sleep through anything - no problem with snoring roommates

Education: College graduate, music major

Profession: musician, vocals and lead guitar for the band Storm Warning

Background: Born in an upper class family and raised abroad in a beach community where Tyler spent his time swimming, fooling around with boats, ignoring homework, and playing his guitar. His exasperated parents attempted to force him into focusing on academic and professional achievements by refusing to support Tyler's desire to play music - he showed some capacity for initiative by working long enough to buy his first guitar. Once he graduated, Tyler decided to leave the family money with the attached strings and strike out on his own, not a decision that bothered him much. Talented but remarkably laid-back young musician, Tyler stepped into the position Cooper Stanfield vacated - vocalist and lead guitar for the band Storm Warning. He was briefly involved with Amanda Alcaide, and, although anything but volatile, actively dislikes Gabe. Attractive, outgoing, friendly, and virile, Tyler is taking full advantage of the fame he blundered into.