Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Amanda Alcaide

Family Status: Single; one child, Cruz Delgato, with Gabe.

Vital Statistics: Blonde hair, golden brown eyes
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Parents: Nicholas Alcaide and Maeve Owen
Siblings: None

Background: Strong-willed (euphemism for bossy and spoiled) daughter of Nicholas Alcaide and a mother she never knew, Amanda became involved with Gabe when they were both teenagers. Amanda had a brief relationship with Gabe's cousin Rafe when they were attending university, whether because she couldn't make up her mind or because she wanted to make Gabe jealous was never quite clear - probably a mix of both. The relationship with Gabe continued after they both graduated, always explosive but never mutually exclusive. At one point Amanda broke it off and began seeing Tyler Romero. Her attachment to Gabe eventually forced Tyler to break it off. Strikingly beautiful and sensual but unable or unwilling to accept her failure to get Gabe to commit to her.