Friday, December 22, 2006

Summary for Passages

Hunting for the fairytale.

The very young daughter of a legendary rock star and his second wife finds herself lost and confused as her parents struggle with trust in a tumultuous marriage.  Rayne Stanfield runs away during one particularly high intensity argument, ending up on a cold beach in the middle of the night.  She is rescued by a notorious, charming and narcissistic 'bad boy', Gabe Lombardo, who reluctantly takes a child he does not know to safety.  The little girl is entranced, believes him to be a prince, and never forgets the incident.  It colors the rest of her life.

This side story explores the growth of a spoiled and self indulgent teen age girl who chases a dream with little thought of the damage she causes to people around her.   Rayne falls into depression and addiction, doubting herself, doubting her memory, opening bitter wounds in her family, while still relentlessly trying to find that prince.

Until she does.

I wrote this wondering what it would be like to hunt for someone you thought you wanted desperately and to finally find them.  Would they be anything like what you imagined?  Would you recognize them?  Would they recognize you?

Link: Passages

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